Autobiography of Apostle

I am Apostle Joshua Nana Owusu, born on October, 1967 to Mr. John Kwame Addo & Mad. Comfort Mirekua, all of blessed memory. I am the 8th and last-but-one born of my mother, and the 12th or 13th or 14th born of my father. (Due to the polygamy of my father, three of us were born in the same month by different mothers and he could not tell who amongst us was born 1st, 2nd or 3rd because he was illiterate).

I attended Atibie L/A Methodist B School and graduated with M.S.L.C. in 1982. I had my first encounter with the Holy Ghost in 1978/79 and I joined the Love Assemblies of God Church at Mpraeso – Kwahu and grew in the Lord until I became a Sunday School leader, playing key roles in the drama group, Sunday School, Evangelism and Recitation of Scriptures, being “the Best” lead vocalist in the Sunday School choir.

I also played a key role in the planting of the Abetifi – Kwahu Assemblies of God church, under the leadership of Rev. Adu – Amponsah, who later travelled to the United States of America. For strange reasons, at that tender age, my father set his eyes on me and my younger brother (now my assistant pastor), who was then following me to church, and beat us mercilessly with canes, “slaps” and even with brooms, etc., for attending church.

However, we did not stop. Then one day, he gave me an option to choose between attending church and going to school. When I told him I wanted the two, I received a slap I have never forgotten to date. My mother was then sitting in a chair feeling pity for me, but could not say a word. I was later advised to stop going to church, with the understanding that I could attend church after completing my education, which I did. When I completed middle school, my dad said he would not finance my secondary education. For another strange reason, he would not even allow my mother to finance that second cycle education, threatening that if she dared, he would poison himself and write a note that it was my mum who troubled him to commit suicide. Thus, I could not have second cycle education.

I wept bitterly. I had given up attending church (following Jesus Christ) in order to continue my education and now, it was over. It became so bad that at times, I would go to the cemetery in the afternoons and sleep on some of the grave stones in the afternoons, hoping that I would wake up on the other side of life. However, I would wake up, only to find out that I was still alive. That led me to bad friends and bad habits such as going to discos, jams and concerts; drinking, smoking, womanizing, consulting juju powers for protection, etc. Another strange thing I noticed was that my father never stretched his hand to beat me – not for once – while I indulged in those vices.

However, one thing that helped me during those days were the Scriptures I had memorized in Sunday School. Anytime I did something bad, those Scriptures would come to my memory. I would then regret and confess my sins. As a result, I couldn’t go so far in sin – for the Scriptures kept coming to my memory.

“Train up a child the way he should go and when he grows, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6.)

My father was then one of the rich men in town who owned a transport business, so I joined one of his buses as a “motor boy” in 1984 and got my professional driver’s license in 1986. At the age of 19 I was the driver of one of his 19 – passenger minibuses that plied from Kwahu – Tafo to Accra and back. The MTTU (police) officers would always ask of my age. Because of that, I grew my beard in order to look older. I used to tell them I was 24 years but they always argued that my face didn’t look so.

I was so successful in my driving career that my dad gave me another car to supervise. He sent me 7 miles away to live and run the buses. In 1989, I had become a chief driver and was enjoying a lot of money. I used to call myself a ‘young boy millionaire’ because I had more cash than all the others of my age group. (By then I had ₵120,000 in my bank account and several thousands of cedis in my trunk, and my “chop-box” also). I had planned to travel to Germany. A friend of mine told me that Germans drink more alcohol than water, so I started training by drinking more Guinness® and Gulder® after eating (in place of water).

DSCF2853However, when I was ready to travel, something happened that made me change my mind (I have now understood that, that was a divine intervention). Thereafter, I gave over ₵60,000 to support my elder brother in his journey abroad. I always had a lot of youth around me, who saw me as their leader – I was even named “Emmrantee Hene” (chief of the youth).

On 14th January 1990, I felt like going to church, so I drove 7 miles to the same church I used to attend years before. By that time, a new pastor, the Rev. Daniel Owusu Banahene was in charge.

The conviction to turn from sin and make things right with God was so strong that I asked him to baptize me on that same day, which he did with his wife, though the tradition of the church then was to set a day for the whole church to witness the baptism of the new converts. Within a year, I became the Christ Ambassadors’ (the church’s youth department) leader and a praise and worship leader, playing several roles in the church. I responded to the call of God to be an evangelist. Then again, for a strange reason, my father rejected me once again. For seven years we were not on good talking terms. He would not answer when I greeted him and would sometimes chase me out with stones.

That continued until two weeks to his death in February 2000, when he told one of my elder brothers that he had let everything go. He died at the age of 73. By that time, I was determined to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and was not afraid of all his threats. I did not want to miss this second chance of going to church, because there was some kind of fear in me that something evil might happen to me if I did not obey God.

Comfort2 20151103_191849I got married on 27th October, 1990 at the age of 23 – my wife was then 19 years of age. My marriage was blessed on 17th February, 1991. After our first born, Elisha Owusu Piesie was born, I received admission on scholarship in January 1993 to attend A.N.F.C.B.I. Bible School in Bendel State, Nigeria, under the able leadership of Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa to study a six-month course, with certificate. I wanted to travel abroad after receiving my certificate (letter of attendance), but the Holy Ghost told me to return to Ghana, which I did. I vowed to God never to launch fully into the ministry until I knew exactly what He wanted me to do.

For these 26 years I have walked with God and now I know what He has called me to do. Based on the ministry He has committed to me, I now know that it was the devil who kept entering into my father – because he was the final authority of the family who could be used to stop me from answering the call of God. I also know that the one behind my father’s strange actions and hatred (beatings, slapping, rejection, etc.) towards me was the devil – knowing what God wanted to do with my life, he wanted to stop me at that tender age before I would start. I grew up to hate my dad but now, I know it wasn’t his fault – he was manipulated. Since he was not a Christian, there was no way he could have resisted the devil. But the good news is, in all this, God saw me through and I give Him all the glory.

The devil saw what the Almighty Jehovah had purposed with my life and wanted to abort it, but to no avail, like Moses was thrown into the Nile river. I was the only one of the sixteen children born in my family, during whose birth my mother had to go through Caesarean Section. I was educated for 10 years and spent the next 8 years idly at home (in terms of education). In spite of that, among my family members, I am the one preaching the gospel to thousands of people, though I have brothers who completed secondary school (Form 5) and university, while I was prevented from furthering my education.

“God takes the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.” (1 Corinthians 1:27).

I was the only one concerning whose education my father threatened to poison himself if my mother would finance. I was also the first to have a wedding ceremony and I have enjoyed a blessed marriage for these 26 years – and I’m still enjoying it. I have been blessed with 5 strong boys, who are doing well in their academics and the ministry in my 26-year walk with God, in what I call the ‘School of the Holy Ghost’.

After the death of Archbishop B. A. Idahosa, the Holy Ghost told me to go to Bishop Charles Agyinasare, that he is my spiritual father. And for over a decade now, I’ve been under his cover. He has ordained me twice, first as a Reverend Minister, operating in the office of Evangelist and Pastor, and second, as an Apostle.


Now in the Apostolic office, in my walk with God for 26 years, I feel that the green light to start the ministry God has ordained me into has now been given. Therefore, I shall launch the ministry for the first time to the glory of the Almighty God later this year.

To God be all the glory!

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